Friday, January 27, 2012

Word Paintings

I made several little word paintings and gave them away as Christmas gifts.

They were done on stretched canvas that measured six inches square.

I painted the canvas, applied vinyl adhesive letters, painted it some more, and then removed the  letters.

I chose short phrases that were designed with each recipient in mind.

This was a fun way to create personalized gifts for a group of special people.


We Three 3 said...

Love it Pat! What a great idea, especially if the person has a quote or expression that they always use. I like that.

Tess said...

Thank you for sharing this awesome idea. I am a cub scout den leader and am always looking for "messy" fun activities that are fairly simple. I think this would be great for a mothers day gift. I could use flat pieces of wood that I already have and staple ribbon to the back for a hanger. (We practice recycling and using what we have and I have a bunch of wood in my garage that was given to me for the scouts use.) Coolbeans! Thanks loads for the idea. I love the word art you made and I am sure the recipients loved them too.

Jacky said...

These are a great idea Pat and the colours are gorgeous...I love how you personalise them for each person too.
Thanks for sharing it with us, I know a few people who could do with a canvas/painting like that.
Sounds like you have inspired a few people with these little canvases!
Jacky xox

Candace said...

Those are awesome gifts!