Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Found Type Tuesday

One of my favorite subjects to shoot when I'm out and about with my camera is found type. Words, letters, and numbers existing out in the world just naturally capture my attention. Some people are drawn to sunsets and beautiful vistas. Others to architecture. I like type. Maybe it's my urban surroundings or maybe it's just a love of words. I don't know. I just know that my camera finds these things. I recently took an outing to an industrial surplus warehouse where the above photo was taken. (Plus many, many more!) Besides type, I also like anything that is rusty and crusty, dirty and dented, scratched and scarred, or pitted and peeling. How could I not love the "quality" photo above?

Join me here on Tuesdays if you like found type too. Leave a comment with a link to your site and share your own found type photo. I promise I'll come by and check out what catches your eye out there in the world.


We Three 3 said...

Nice! I love how this looks with all that texture in the photo.

Anonymous said...

Nice shot! I like to take these kinds of photos, too--I'll have to see if I can't find something new by next Tuesday...if not, I may post one from 'the archives' :)

Candace said...

Great find! I'll have to be more aware so I can join in on Tuesdays, sounds fun.