Sunday, June 27, 2010

Good Advice - Round 8

It's been a little while since I last posted a trio of Good Advice post cards. Here's something to think about as you begin a new week. I hope it's a good one!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

I'm Feeling a Little Scrap Happy

Lately, I find myself skipping happily down the scrap trail. It all started a few months ago when attempting to control the chaos in my studio. I came to the conclusion that I need to "use up" a lot of my supplies. (Notice I didn't say "get rid of" or "give away.") It was also about this time that a number of blog artists were taking this online class and posting amazing photos of the results. This looked like the perfect way to pare down some of the stash.

I didn't sign up for the online class though because my poor, aging computer has a problem with videos. Still, I was eager to give it a go and decided I would just dive right in. I dusted off my sewing machine, pulled out a drawer full of scraps, and got to work. After a fair amount of trial and error, I found a method that works for me. I currently have a couple of unfinished journals because I haven't quite figured out how to bind them. I guess that's where the class would have been really helpful.

It occurred to me one day that the journal pages I was making would also make interesting post cards. So, when I made the travel fund savings bank that I posted about here I also made a bunch of post cards to go with it.

I got a little scrap happy and made about a dozen cards.

The central image on each one was cut out of a travel brochure and sewn together with miscellaneous paper scraps from my stash.

Some of my favorite papers to use are maps and recycled wrapping paper.

I kept the cards a bit simpler than the journal pages because I knew the recipient would be more interested in the travel image than the rest of the collage.

The back side of each card is collaged as well, including some plain paper for addressing.

Isn't he cute?

I hope you enjoyed this little jaunt to far-off lands. Happy trails and happy scrapping!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

IF - Paisley

I made a little paisley doodle for Illustration Friday this week.

And then, just for fun, I posterized it. Now it's turbo-charged paisley. I think I like this version better.

Friday, June 11, 2010

IF - Ripple [Plus Good Advice]

Based on the following quote from The Tao of Leadership by John Heider, these two little words seem tremendously appropriate for the Illustration Friday theme of RIPPLE.

"The Ripple Effect"

Do you want to be a positive influence in the world?

First, get your own life in order. Ground yourself in the single principle so that your behavior is wholesome and effective. If you do that, you will earn respect and be a powerful influence.

Your behavior influences others through a ripple effect. A ripple effect works because everyone influences everyone else. Powerful people are powerful influences.

If your life works, you influence your family. If your family works, your family influences the community. If your community works, your community influences the nation. If your nation works, your nation influences the world. If your world works, the ripple effect spreads throughout the cosmos.

Remember that your influence begins with you and ripples outward. So be sure that your influence is both potent and wholesome. How do I know that this works? All growth spreads outward from a fertile and potent nucleus. You are a nucleus.

Now go out there and be the most positive nucleus you can be!

There's a ripple effect,
In all that we do.
What you do touches me,
What I do touches you.

--- Author Unknown

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Have Funds Will Travel

What do you do when your heart yearns to explore exotic, far-off places? When your curiosity begs for an introduction to the smells, sounds, and tastes of another land? When your eyes long to gaze upon mountains, rivers, and oceans beyond your front door? When your adventurous spirit clamors to ride an elephant, swim with the sharks, or jump off a waterfall?

First, you get a passport.

Then, you save your money.

You start a travel fund and squirrel away every nickel and dime you get your hands on. You stuff bills into a safe place so you won't be tempted to spend them at the mall. You keep your eye on the prize with a visual reminder of your goal.

And if you're the mother of an adventurer, then you happily rip and paint and paste when she asks if you can make a gift for her friend who wants to save for the trip they're planning together. You tear into one of your cherished, thrift-store world atlases and create a treasure box for dreams. And you decide that maybe it's time to start your own adventure fund.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Good Advice [From Lori]

Today I offer you a bit of good advice inspired by my bloggy friend Lori over at elvie studio. Not only is she talented, sweet, generous and funny...she's also a pretty smart cookie. A chocolate cookie to be exact. Thanks Lori for the inspiration and the reminder to listen up when the old ticker starts yakking.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

IF Trail PLUS Good Advice

It makes me happy when I can combine an Illustration Friday theme with the Good Advice series. I feel twice as productive! I hope you're having a wonderful weekend and maybe blazing a few trails along the way.