Friday, June 11, 2010

IF - Ripple [Plus Good Advice]

Based on the following quote from The Tao of Leadership by John Heider, these two little words seem tremendously appropriate for the Illustration Friday theme of RIPPLE.

"The Ripple Effect"

Do you want to be a positive influence in the world?

First, get your own life in order. Ground yourself in the single principle so that your behavior is wholesome and effective. If you do that, you will earn respect and be a powerful influence.

Your behavior influences others through a ripple effect. A ripple effect works because everyone influences everyone else. Powerful people are powerful influences.

If your life works, you influence your family. If your family works, your family influences the community. If your community works, your community influences the nation. If your nation works, your nation influences the world. If your world works, the ripple effect spreads throughout the cosmos.

Remember that your influence begins with you and ripples outward. So be sure that your influence is both potent and wholesome. How do I know that this works? All growth spreads outward from a fertile and potent nucleus. You are a nucleus.

Now go out there and be the most positive nucleus you can be!

There's a ripple effect,
In all that we do.
What you do touches me,
What I do touches you.

--- Author Unknown


Anonymous said...

Well, you can't go wrong with that advice. Unfortunately, I seem to forget it often. Thanks for the reminder. Nice drawing.

aimee said...

such a simply saying and simply hard to do sometimes! thank you for the reminder!

Jack Foster said...

Hey Pat! Greart message! Life is a series of choices. We can choose the "ripple". Look at the ripple Jesus made! Wow! God bless

lori vliegen said...

well said.....and fabulously illustrated!! here's to being positive!! :))