Thursday, April 28, 2011

Time to Pause and Reflect

I've been journaling in Pilgrim on a regular basis since the beginning of the year. When April started I realized that the year and the project are one quarter finished. It seemed like a good time to pause and think about what the project has meant to me so far and what I've learned from the experience.

I'll probably take time to reflect again at the 50% mark and the 75% mark. It will be interesting to see if my feelings change or what else I learn along the way.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Branching Out

Branching Out is the The Sketchbook Challenge theme for April and I added some type to the image I posted earlier.

In the spirit of branching out, I thought I would try to letter in a different way than usual. Rather than lettering with a pen first and then adding color, I wanted to try lettering directly with gouache. My tubes of watercolor and gouache look ridiculously similar, and I accidentally used watercolor instead of gouache! I guess I was branching out even more than planned. I used a brush to letter the words "some thoughts on." I have less control with a brush than with a pen, so it does have a different look to it. I also decided to go out on a limb and not pencil the words in first. That explains the rather strange letter placement. I did go back and use a pen to outline the letters afterward just because I like the definition of outlined letters.

I'm adding some close up shots just so you can read the thoughts on branching out.

The next time you're working in your journal or sketchbook, try branching out by doing just one thing a little differently than usual. Who knows what might happen?

Friday, April 22, 2011

A Peaceful Day

I'm finally getting caught up after a couple of hectic weeks. Finishing up my projects for class and getting ready for and attending my first art retreat have kept me away from the blogosphere. (More on that soon!) With a couple days off for Easter, it feels good to slow down and restore order to chaos.

I spent some time returning massive amounts of art supplies to the downstairs studio, then putting them away so I could clear off some working space. I think the lack of work space is what caused the entire upstairs to become a temporary studio.

Here is a yet-to-be-finished page in Pilgrim. It seemed fitting to include a Buddha image since most of the book revolves around Tibet and Buddhism.

And here is my yet-to-be-finished page for the April theme of branching out. I can't believe the month is nearly over and I haven't even completed a page for the monthly theme.

Of course, I only have myself to blame. With my newly cleared off studio space, I decided to get to work on another new project--using up art supplies to make things to sell at a holiday craft show I'm hoping to participate in with some friends.

I'm trying to thin out my fabric stash so here is my first attempt at putting some of it to good use. Of course I barely made a dent in it. I'd have to make about a zillion more of these just to empty out one drawer in my fabric dresser.

These two were made from fabric that a friend gave to me recently. Actually, she gave me an old duvet cover for the fabric on the front ans this was the lining fabric on the back. I just can't say no to anything that looks like an art project waiting to happen. I guess that's why I really need to clear out!

Wishing you a peaceful and happy Easter!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Peace Pilgrim

Here is the page about Peace Pilgrim with color added from the book I'm altering for The Sketchbook Challenge.

I used a photo that I found online to sketch her image.

This a quote from Peace Pilgrim describing the way of peace.

During the 28 years she spent crossing the country, Peace Pilgrim never asked for food or shelter. She waited until it was offered to her through the kindness of strangers.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Thinking Inside the Box - The Preview

A while back I mentioned the class I'm taking called Thinking Inside the Box. I've been busy learning to use power tools and building a hinged box with a lid and a shadow box with a glass front. My little pine box is now sporting hinges and a couple coats of paint. After this photo was taken I added the mail art collage that I hope will give it a real fluxus vibe.

I find it really difficult to cut up and collage with my favorite paper--like these brain cell posters from mail artist Ryosuke Cohen. But now that it's done, I'm thrilled to see them on the box rather than stored in the drawer where they've been for years. I cut up two of the five posters in my collection and covered both the inside and the outside of the box. I'll post close-ups of some of my favorite parts soon.

Here are a few peaks at my Joseph Cornell inspired shadow box which is just about ready to be assembled. It's a simple design made from found objects--maps, wood, and brass. For now you'll just have to imagine how these parts will go together.

The final class meets this week, and I'm looking forward to seeing all the finished projects...including mine. I'm off to touch up some paint, find some screws, and finish these works of art!