Friday, April 8, 2011

Peace Pilgrim

Here is the page about Peace Pilgrim with color added from the book I'm altering for The Sketchbook Challenge.

I used a photo that I found online to sketch her image.

This a quote from Peace Pilgrim describing the way of peace.

During the 28 years she spent crossing the country, Peace Pilgrim never asked for food or shelter. She waited until it was offered to her through the kindness of strangers.


Christine E-E said...

wow! i'm sorry i haven't heard of her... aren't women remarkable? will google her to learn more about her.
love your lettering in this piece. could you remind me how you do the background for your work? is it like paint splattered on the page?

Pat said...

Hi Christine. I spray the backgrounds with a mixture of pigment ink (from the small refill bottles that you would use to re-ink your stamp pads) and water in a cheap plastic spray bottle. I have about 6-8 of these mixed up in different colors and I usually spray a few colors on each page and blot with a paper towel. Sometimes I also throw in a little alcohol ink which tends to show through on the other side of the paper in interesting ways.

get zapped said...

Fabulous! This is a work of passion. Thank you.

lori vliegen said...

another fabulous addition to your already fabulous book!! here's to all of the silver-haired peace pilgrims out there! happy weekend, sweet artist!! xox

Candace said...

Your book is unreal!

cathyb said...

Wow -just sifting thru your posts - you are one busy lady! Love your journals - how fun