Friday, April 22, 2011

A Peaceful Day

I'm finally getting caught up after a couple of hectic weeks. Finishing up my projects for class and getting ready for and attending my first art retreat have kept me away from the blogosphere. (More on that soon!) With a couple days off for Easter, it feels good to slow down and restore order to chaos.

I spent some time returning massive amounts of art supplies to the downstairs studio, then putting them away so I could clear off some working space. I think the lack of work space is what caused the entire upstairs to become a temporary studio.

Here is a yet-to-be-finished page in Pilgrim. It seemed fitting to include a Buddha image since most of the book revolves around Tibet and Buddhism.

And here is my yet-to-be-finished page for the April theme of branching out. I can't believe the month is nearly over and I haven't even completed a page for the monthly theme.

Of course, I only have myself to blame. With my newly cleared off studio space, I decided to get to work on another new project--using up art supplies to make things to sell at a holiday craft show I'm hoping to participate in with some friends.

I'm trying to thin out my fabric stash so here is my first attempt at putting some of it to good use. Of course I barely made a dent in it. I'd have to make about a zillion more of these just to empty out one drawer in my fabric dresser.

These two were made from fabric that a friend gave to me recently. Actually, she gave me an old duvet cover for the fabric on the front ans this was the lining fabric on the back. I just can't say no to anything that looks like an art project waiting to happen. I guess that's why I really need to clear out!

Wishing you a peaceful and happy Easter!


Chel said...

Oh- WOW- I'm just knocked over by all the beautiful things in this post!!

Candace said...

So pretty, the white roses. You are really a talented artist!

freebird said...

I love the flowers. They are really cute. But, the way you drew the Buddha is terrific. I find it quite difficult to slow down enough to make a page with lines such as this. I get impatient and my pen jumps and jerks and ruins the lines when I try. I bet it felt like meditating as you built it up. It's really nice as is the tree.