Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Irony of Life

Yesterday I wrote about the irony of the sketchbook I was waiting to receive getting lost in the mail. It turns out it wasn't exactly lost--just delayed due to an incorrect zip code. Today it arrived and the sketchbook I randomly received in the swap was Cathy's sketchbook! She's the one who told me about the project and inspired me to join in the first place. How ironic is that? I couldn't BEE happier to get this wonderful little book filled with bee sketches and quotes.

This is the sketchbook cover which has been coated in beeswax giving it a wonderful patina. The yarn is attached to a tag which is tucked into the pocket at the back of the book.

I love Cathy's handwriting, her sketches, and her affection for bees. Check out her blog for more bee characters.


Cathy said...

So the person who delivered an ode to mail ends up with a sketchbook delayed in the mail. What are the chances? There must be an Australian saying for that!

Pat said...

Yes, I believe it's called postal assie delay.