Thursday, December 18, 2008

Photos of Class Projects

These are the photos that Terry took on the last day of class.

This is my project inspired by the wood sculptures of Louise Nevelson. I'm slightly obsessed with circles and they appear often in my artwork.

A closer view.

This is my version of a Robert Rauschenberg "combine" painting. I was happy to be able to use a few of my favorite street finds in this piece. The metal signs with numbers were used to mark outdoor parking spaces downtown--until they rusted and blew off the wires where they were suspended. I found the big hunk 'o rust in a rest area parking lot during my fall trip to West Virginia.

Finally, my project inspired by the work of Joseph Cornell. I bought the frame at my neighbor's garage sale about 10 years ago. I love the weathered wood and the metal pieces that join the sides together. I originally intended to use the paper tags to label the keys that were going to be the basis of the piece. Instead, the tags became the focus and the keys are now a future project.


Chris said...

Okay, I came here to talk about your entry in the new Journaling quarterly, how awesome it is, and how it opened my eyes to the kind of journaling I want to do (as I keep re-affirming that 2009 is my self-appointed Journaling Year), but I get here, and LOOK at this work! I Love Nevelson, Rauschenberg, Cornell. And you have done them such honor!

ArtPropelled said...

Love what you have done here!