Sunday, February 1, 2009

Intersections: Collage Journaling and Creative Performance

That's the name of the class I'm taking with my friends, Cathy and Annette, that starts tomorrow evening. The course description says "The variety of collage and writing techniques are intended to stimulate risk-taking in private reflection and encourage a metaphoric approach to making meaning." Good. I need a little stimulation in the risk-taking department. Especially when it comes to journaling. I'm OK with the visual part, but not with the words and writing part. I really need some help in that area. The description also says "The last 3-4 weeks of class will focus on using the journal work as a foundation for work intended for the public." I can't wait to get started and totally throw myself into the process of collage journaling and creative performance.

My art bag is packed and I'm ready to go!

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Annette said...

I really enjoyed our first class. I thought three hours would seem long, but they flew by. I think the 'forced spontaneity' that the instructor used was good for me. I need to not overthink things, and 'just do it'!