Saturday, January 31, 2009

Meet the Monsters

I've had a couple of requests to post my stuffed monsters on this blog, so here are a few. They're made from upcylcled wool sweaters, embroidery floss, buttons, and polyester stuffing. This was a relatively unmessy project that I could work on while watching TV that would utilize some of the thrift store sweaters that I've been felting. This little guy is named Sydney--after the city in Australia. I sent him to my daughter to help scare off the wacky squirrels at her college that jump onto window ledges, chew through the screens, and invade dorm rooms. So far, so good. No squirrel invasions yet.
I made this guy for my friend Casey using her favorite striped sweater from middle school. When she discovered a hole in the sweater, she decided it was finally time to say goodbye and she asked me if I wanted to use it for anything. I never refuse "an art project waiting to happen" so I took the sweater and made her a Christmas present.

Lastly, meet Arthur McFitz. Arthur is the official mascot for Artfits, the altered book club that meets at my house twice a month to play and create altered books. You'll be seeing more of Arthur because Cathy has decided to learn needle felting and she is making a number of mini-Arthurs that are adorable.

I decided to post the monsters to show the progression to the next stuffed project that I'm working on. Right now I'm just calling him "the guy." This new softie is more human--well, if someone with a blue head and orange body can be considered human. At the moment I think he looks like a cross between outsider folk art and a deranged Muppet. You can decide which after I finish him and post pictures.


Cathy said...

Lovely to see even this small selection. Amazing how each has its own personality come through depending on the material and the design. Casey's monster looks downright friendly!

Annette said...

These guys are all so cute! I'm glad to hear that Sydney is doing a good job with those squirrels. And I can't wait to see how "the guy" turns out.