Saturday, February 14, 2015

Spread the Love

Happy Valentine's Day! Although today is a day designated to celebrate love, lately I've been on a mission to spread the love every day. I keep this bowl of handmade hearts on my desk at work. Anytime someone notices, asks, or comments about them I let them know that they are welcome to have one. I explain that it's my way of spreading the love. It's delightful to watch people glow with happiness at such a simple gesture. One person even jumped up and down like a small child upon hearing that she could take one. Most people spend a moment or two to choose just the right one and often tell me who they plan to give it to. Just this week I heard that someone had gifted her heart to a friend who was having a difficult day. I told her to take another for the next time she needed to spread the love. The hearts have gone to people that I see regularly and to complete strangers as well. I keep refilling the bowl. It makes me so happy to spread a little love in the world. It doesn't take much. Really. Everyone can spread a little love. Give it a try and see what happens.

Spread the love.



Deborah Weber said...

What a fabulous thing to do - I love this! You are such a generous and creative spreader of love. Best wishes to you on this Valentine's Day, and always.

Linda said...

Your little hearts are adorable, and this is such a nice idea. Thanks for sharing it. Happy Valentine's Day to you and your family....Linda E.

pearshapedcrafting said...

What a truly wonderful thing your basket of hearts is - not just for the way it looks (fabulous!) but for the joy you are sharing too! A really lovely idea! Chrisx

Andria said...

I love this idea!