Sunday, January 26, 2014

Good Journaling Weather

We're experiencing another arctic blast here in the Midwest. In other words--it's good journaling weather. It's the perfect opportunity to stay indoors and cut, paste, paint, and doodle to your heart's content.

I've been working in this particular journal for more than five years.

It was started in a journaling class and has continued from there. I took the class with two friends and since the instructor's name was Judith, we affectionately call these books our "Judith Journals."

It's primarily a cut and paste journal. I've also heard other people call them glue books.

The idea is to collect words and images that speak to you and then put them together in a layout that makes sense to you, or tells a story, or maybe is just visually pleasing in some way.

I collect my images from art magazines, mainstream magazines, old books, research journals, maps, wallpaper, calendars, and anything else that catches my eye. (I know there's a typo on this page but Howard Finster taught me not to worry about that.)

At one point during the 5+ years of working in this journal, I started to feel as though the work wasn't really original since the images were created by others. But then I realized that nobody else in the world but me would arrange these exact images in this exact way. Even if someone else had access to the same images, they would most likely use them to tell a different story in a completely different way.

Around year 3 or 4 of working in this journal, I really wanted it to be done. I wanted every page to be filled so that I could put it on the shelf and start a new journal.

But then something happened and I totally fell in love with the process of filling this book little by little and bit by bit. The journey really has become the destination and now I never want the journey to end.

I keep building on what's already there, and filling the few remaining blank pages. This is a journal that calls to me. And when it does, I usually drop everything else and focus on the book for a few days, or a week, or however long it takes to satisfy the need to cut, paste, arrange, and admire the view to this point. Then I'll put it away and work on other projects until the call comes again. Do you have a journal like this? One that you only work in when you hear the call or feel the pull? One that is more of a journey than a destination? One that you will be happy to never say is finished?


Linda said...

I can't believe you haven't received any comments on this journal post yet! It is fantastic and I loved looking at each page spread. I can tell you put a lot of thought and care into each page. I'm inspired to make one of my own!

iHanna said...

These are some awesome collages pages! Love the combination of fun images, words and backgroun colors. Yummy!

M Dutton said...

I love this! I have 2 1/2 journals filled with something "similar but different" LOL!! I love looking through mags for words and images. I usually throw paint on a page and add some images and then words, rather than do the whole thing with cut pieces. Either way, it's a very fun process, and I've made some creatures out of 'parts' that I just love, looking back on them. So glad I found this blog, love it!

Elizabeth Storm said...

I love your journal! I just found your blog through a Pinterest "back-door" (looking for ways to reuse and repurpose junk mail and return envelopes). I saw this post and had to read it.

I had a serious problem w/ depression for a while, and for therapy at one point made "cut-and-paste" objects: a tin-can pencil holder covered with favorite, loving images (books and libraries, for me); a poster with words and images of inspiration and hope; even a small tote bag at one point.

As a child, I used to collect images and quotes and words (word-art) in "nothing books": I think they were what are called "smash journals" now.

But there is something amazing about your art journal: it inspired me to begin again to use visual, not just verbal, ways of journaling for myself. I would never have chosen the pictures you chose, or put them together as you did, as you say. and yet there is something on those pages that alls to me, just as you said the journal - the art itself R calls to you. And I feel an absolute need to respond by starting one of my own.

Thank you for sharing this piece of your loveliness with us! I'll be following your blog for more inspiration!