Friday, November 22, 2013

When Housework Pays Off

For me, housework is a necessary evil. I only give it my full attention when either 1) company is coming to visit or 2) I just can't stand the mess for one more minute. Either way, I'm a half-ass housekeeper at best. Good enough is alright by me and I've been known to quickly stash things away just to get them out of sight.

A few weeks ago I was in a I-can't-stand-the-mess-anymore mood, so while I was stashing some things away I found a couple of doodles that had been stashed on a previous cleaning spree.

Finding these again made me smile and was well worth the price of tidying up. Now I want to get out my doodling supplies and make a new mess.

1 comment:

Candace said...

Hi, you're back!!!! Tempting to clean house but I just don't know...