Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Cyber Tag

Tag! You're it!

I've been invited to join in a game of cyber tag.

These are the rules: must post the rules
...answer 11 questions the tagger posted for you
...create 11 questions to ask the people you tag
...tag 11 people
...let them know you've tagged them

Here are my answers to the questions asked by the lovely and talented Cat of

1. What's the first art you remember making as a child?
I honestly don't remember the first art I ever made but I do remember having the most creative school projects in the class. I spent more time making my report covers than writing the reports.

2. Pick a bouquet: Roses or wildflowers?

3. Do you speak more than one language?
I wish, but no.

4. How many unfinished projects are on your art table?
There are three unfinished projects on my art table. Plus four journals on my coffee table. Another two journals in my work bag. One in my purse. And at least a few dozen (or hundred) projects squirreled away in drawers, boxes, bins, and cupboards.

5. Peanut butter: extra crunchy, crunchy or creamy?
Extra crunchy!

6. What's your "if-you-were-stranded-on-a-deserted-island-and-could-only-have-one-song" song?
Hallelujah (shrek song).

7. Reading preference: fiction or non-fiction?

8. The smell of bread baking, or the smell of freshly ground coffee?
Freshly ground coffee.

9. In five words or less, what does creativity mean to you?
Doing what you love.

10. What animal do you think you most look like?
I have no clue but I'm going to use my imagination and say a rabbit.

11. What art techniques have you never tried, but want to...?
There are a few printmaking techniques I've never tried, and encaustics look very interesting.

Now for a BONUS question of my own....
Are you a rule follower or a rule breaker?

I'm usually a rule follower but today I'm going to be a rule breaker. I'm only going to follow the first two rules listed above. Why? Because ALL of the bloggers on my Inspirational Blogs list inspire me and I think you should get to know them all. Really. Click on over and meet some really creative people. Plus, I'm too tired to think up some questions and notify people that they've been tagged.

Since I'm revealing things about myself here, I should add that the photo above is the first and only photo of me ever seen on this blog. I'm pretty camera shy but I've been experimenting with iphonography and have discovered that I'm OK with showing my shadow self. Stay tuned for a few more images from this shadow series.

I hope you're having a creative week! Thanks for stopping by.

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Anonymous said...

You wascally rule-bweakin' wabbit you...wish I'd thought of doing a shortened version like this ;)

These are great--I can so relate to your #4 answer!