Sunday, June 5, 2011

Pilgrim - Pathways

The Sketchbook Challenge theme for June is Pathways and this is my first interpretation of the theme. I've been working on mounting my map series (still!) so I had maps on my mind when I started this page--specifically road maps.

As you can see, I'm still not tired of making marks with gouache. I find it so relaxing and enjoyable. Now I'm even venturing into (ack!) painting with gouache.

A few weeks ago, one of the local universities held their annual used book sale. I've always wanted to attend but it usually falls on a weekend when I have other plans or I happen to hear about it after the fact. This was the year I finally went. Imagine an entire gymnasium filled with table after table of used books all neatly organized by subject matter.

I was torn between buying books for reference and buying books to cut up for collage. I guess I comprised because I bought some of both. The books above were from the art section and most are older than me and written in German. They are compact and lovely, filled with beautiful watercolor paintings. They were around $1 each. Except for the one in the top right corner which was 50 cents and contains the religious frescoes of an artist named Giotto. I thought I would cut this one since it was cheap and I have no idea who Giotto is, but then was inspired by the picture below.

The image on the right is a close up of the image on the left. I thought it would be fun to try to paint it with gouache. (Don't you just love the age on the paper? So pretty!)

I didn't get the angle of the face quite right, and it probably needs more work...but I don't HATE it so that's something, right? The best part is that I really liked painting with the gouache. It definitely behaves differently that either watercolor or acrylic and warrants more exploration.

The art books will go into my growing art library, and I was lucky enough to fine four huge atlases for 50 cents each that I can cut up for collage. All in all, it was a fun and productive outing that I'll make sure I don't miss next year!


Tess said...

$1.00 and 50 cent art books. Wow! That is a great deal. Around here I'm lucky to find used art books at the $2.00 - $4.00 price range. I think your version of the icon was gorgeous. I love the collor you chose. I'd enjoy seeing more pages from your found books.

Chel said...

I have a book on Giotto (from my Art History days) that cost $100 - so I think you got a great deal ;) I was shocked at the price, but when I got home and found some of the pages had gold leaf on them, I was a little less irritated at the price.

Your pathways KNOCK my socks off! Wow- I love what you do with line, pattern, and color. I often think about your work when I am swimming. It fills my mind with happiness :)

freebird said...

What a great deal you got. I like your painting. I have to sit down and try some more painting with gouache. I like your pathways page too.

Candace said...

You are so talented, always creating.