Tuesday, November 23, 2010

List It Tuesday - Lunch with the Seinfeld Gang

As a long-time Seinfeld fan, I have a lot of favorite quotes. For List It Tuesday I thought I would compile a list of some of my favorite food-related quotes. When I was done I realized that I messed up and one of the quotes is erroneous. I considered trying to fix it then decided to just leave it so the true blue Seinfeld fans can pick out which one it is.

I've posted Seinfeld quotes before---here and here if you want to check them out. Don't forget to visit artsyville for more lists!


S.E.Minegar said...

ah ha ha! love this! i remember that episode....you sold us a hair with a cake around it!

thanks for reminding me of these fab quotes!

happy thanksgiving.

Biomouse said...

heheheee I was never ever a Seinfeld fan, but there were occasional ones that stuck out and your list totally brought them back! I love thought bubbles and really enjoyed your list this week. Hope your Turkey Day is fun!

cath c said...


i confess i was not a seinfeld watcher - that was on during the years i lived w/o tv. but i occasionally catch a rerun and have seen a few of these. the hair, the soup...

Bonnie said...

Hi ! I came over from artsyville. I love the look of your blog ! How very creative you are ! And what a great list ... I too am a long-time lover of Seinfeld ! My favorite line comes from Kramer ... " stick a fork in me Jerry, I'm done ! " ha ha !

Anyway ... This is my first week playing and my list IS HERE

aimee said...

i wish i knew the show well enough to pick out the falsie! great list!

lauren carney said...

the fancy pictures on your blog makes my little heart happy!
keep up the great posts!
x x