Tuesday, November 9, 2010

List It Tuesday - Groovin' in the 70's

I was at an art show this weekend and one of the booths had the most fabulous handbags made from old record albums. The artist used both the covers and the vinyl to fashion some of the coolest bags I've ever seen. You can check them out here. I spotted a few familiar covers which made me think about my own album collection and inspired my list for List It Tuesday.

I consider the 70s to be my decade. Those ten years took me from an awkward seventh grader through high school and to college graduate. I could fill ten lists with my favorite songs, artists, or albums of the decade so I limited myself to artists whose albums I owned. As you can see, my taste in music runs more to singer/songwriters than bands and is pretty tame. My husband was the own who owned The Rolling Stones, Kiss, Deep Purple, Jethro Tull, Led Zeppelin, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and The Who among others.

Here are a few random musical memories:

- My eighth grade teacher was young, bearded, and fresh out of college. He sat cross legged on his desk and played Simon and Garfunkel on the record player when we worked quietly. I thought listening to "Kisses Sweeter Than Wine" in the classroom of a Catholic school seemed pretty scandalous.

- My first date with my husband was to a stadium concert headlined by The Beach Boys and Chicago in 1975.

- The Best of Bread was my go-to album whenever I felt depressed in high school. Boy are those songs depressing!

- My college roommate and I couldn't go out unless we'd listened to Frampton Comes Alive, Bat Out of Hell and Linda Ronstadt's Greatest Hits. It's no wonder I know every word to "Paradise by the Dashboard Light."

- Our favorite "new" album is the soundtrack to The Jersey Boys.

I loved this music in the 70s and I still love it today. Heck, I even like disco!

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aimee said...

oh, ROCK ON! make sure you stop by and leave your link to this groovy list!!

Jersey Boys Tickets said...
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lori vliegen said...

oh, yeah.....bring on the '70's music!!! it really was the best, wasn't it?!!! i rocked to everyone on your list....and got such a chuckle reading your memories. you hit the nail on the head with the "bread" remark.....i heard their song "if" the other day on the radio, and i had to change the channel!! i'm too hormonal to listen to that "stuff" anymore.....i cry at dog food commercials, i don't need to be listening to bread!!!

as always, i love the way you created your list.....it's a great one!! and i also LOVE that heart pin you made.....absolutely precious!!!
xox, :)))

The Original Drama Mama said...

Love the colors you used in this list...I was born in this decade, so my memories are more about being tortured by having to wear awful polyester baby outfits and brothers with bowl hair cuts...but my mom listened to a lot of Neil Diamond and I grooved along with her :)

S.E.Minegar said...

i heart seventies music! i could rock out to elton john any day!

i really liked the musical memories you added after your list. i had an art teacher who played music while we worked. coolest teacher ever.


i'm listing too

Lynn Fisher said...

I've seen those album cover bags!
Oh bless your heart, these are some of my fave bands. Once again, great list!

Lynn Fisher said...

Oh, forgot to mention...I had red, white and blue shoes (graduated in 1976)

Pointy Pix said...

I love this list so much. I was born in the 70s but the Eagles are my all time favourite band ever and I was so delighted to see them in their Farewell Tour in 2006!! The 80s was a pretty good time for music as well and that would have been my angst-filled teenage time when The Smiths would have been the depressing album of choice! It is amazing how many of the musicians on your list I still listen to nowadays and I think that music pretty much died on it *ss from the 90s onwards when manufactured pop took over.
I love your memories from that time as well - putting the music into context!
I'm so glad I discovered Aimee and all the other bloggers who join in List It Tuesday as a result!

Sugarplum Kawaii said...

This is a superb list and i love your anecdotes...magic!

Paper Squid said...

I love LOVE love your list and the way it's illustrated!! I also loved reading your story!

I love the 70's and the music and the wide range of it, from disco to Neil Diamond to Led Zeppellin ect. and so many on your list,. I can only imagine what a great decade it was and how those songs still resonate. (I was born in 1980 so I was going through my junior high and high school in the 90's LOL, which is a whole different animal). But I think I was meant for the 70's sometimes or the 80's.

Thanks so much for sharing.