Friday, December 18, 2009

IF - Undone

I doubt that Yoshida Kenko was referring to laundry when he uttered this phrase, but that's how I'd like to interpret his words. I've been feeling a little artistically "undone" lately. Not due to lack of inspiration--more likely due to over-inspiration. I can't seem to focus on one project, one idea, or one technique. I keep flitting between projects and starting new ones with no sense of direction or purpose. This illustration is a perfect example. I started painting the pages of yet another altered book with gouache and then decided to try lettering with a paintbrush rather than markers and watercolors. I have a lot less control with a paintbrush and the result is pretty primitive. How many projects do you have "undone" right about now?


lori vliegen said...

i think that my middle name is "undone" . i completely understand your state of flittering, because i'm quite an accomplished flitterer myself!! i can get quite frustrated with myself if i'm not careful.....too many projects going and not enough time to do them all! i love your artwork doodle (and i think you did a fabulous job with the paintbrush lettering!!).....and if this doesn't apply to laundry, i don't know what does.....hee hee. :)))

ArtSnark said...

I prefer to call all the undone "works in progress" - sounds artier (haha)

Karin said...

Think of flittering as creative exploration! A friend of mine once said that doing creative work is never a waste a time. Who knows what wonderful things may come out if it!