Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Another Sketchbook Project

A while back, I participated in a sketchbook project at a local art supply store. It was so much fun that I decided to try another one. Art House Co-op is hosting Sketchbook Project 4 and there's still time to participate. You have until October 1st to sign up to receive a Moleskine sketchbook, fill it up however you please around a randomly assigned theme, then send it back by December 1st. Art House Co-op will be taking the entire collection on a tour around the United States to select galleries and venues. In addition to the touring exhibitions, the ultimate goal of the project is to create a permanent library for which the sketchbook collection can be on display. How cool is that? The anticipated opening of the permanent sketchbook library location in 2010 and the cost to participate is $18.

We decided to turn Sketchbook Project 4 into an Artfits project, and Cathy, Casey, Annette and I all signed up to participate. We each received a completely different theme for our sketchbook and mine is "Over The Top." I decided to fill my sketchbook with examples of things that I find extreme, ridiculous, or slightly unbelievable. Each spread illustrates a different example using markers and a good amount of hand lettering. I have about six spreads finished so far. Here's a peek at one of the spreads.

Art House Co-op has a number of interesting projects in progress. If you like the idea of collaboration and group projects, be sure to check it out. Or just go there and look at some of the artist's profiles and portfolios. Plan to stay for awhile...there's a lot to see!


lori vliegen said...

firstly, i digress....i don't know how i missed your post from yesterday....i LOVE your favorite quote!! i'm drooling over those colors! oh, inspire me and i'm so glad our paths crossed!

and now back to the present....this sketchbook project sounds like fun! i love your food fight entry....great letters and your doodles are fabulous! thanks for sharing your passion for journaling! :))

Anonymous said...

What an interesting project, I'll check out the entries. I love your drawing--they sure know how to have fun in Spain.