Thursday, August 6, 2009

Long Lost Mail Art Finally Returns Home

Today's mail brought the most marvelous surprise I've had in a very long time. A postcard that I dropped into the mail art stream back in 1997 finally came back to me. There was a time when the daily trip to the mail box was one of grand anticipation and adventure. That's when I was a regular participant in the wild, wacky, wonderful world of mail art. Nearly every day, amazing creations arrived from artists with names like Lunar Daughter, Pag-Hat the Rat-Girl, Photo Posto, Shmuel, CornPuff, Walt Evans, and more.

Collaboration was a big part of mail art and pieces were often altered or added to during a postal journey.

Each mailing brought postmarks, postage, wrinkles, marks, bends, tears, and scratches that added to the aura and ambiance of every piece.

The best part about getting this postcard back is knowing that it passed through the hands of two of my favorite mail artists--Lunar Daughter and Photo Posto. Even after all these years I still have a connection with these two talented women who I have never actually met in person. They continue to inspire me through their blogs which just may be the modern day version of mail art. Both blogging and mail art involve the sharing of creativity and a sense of community that artists seem to crave.

Apparently back in 1997 I offered to send something in return to anyone who included their address on the wayward postcard. It looks like I'll get to be a mail artist once again. Watch your mailboxes ladies...and you too Shmuel...whoever you are!


Anonymous said...

How fun! What's a mere 12 years? Was I really a part of that postcard?

I do miss mail art, I haven't done it in awhile but I never meant to stop--it just is time-consuming. I'm sure I'll still do the occasional mailing, once or twice a year--because it's so fun to get things in return. I guess the internet put a damper on mail art for a lot of people.

Pat said...

Yes, you really were part of the postcard! You mean you don't remember from 12 years ago?? Your name is just under the return address. (Are you still living at the same address? I need to know so I can send you something!)

Getting this in the mail brought back a lot of memories and I dug out my mail art and looked through some of it last night. Good times. Good times.

lori vliegen said...

what a fabulous collaborative effort!! that's one great looking piece of mail art!!

many years when i was doing "serious calligraphy", i would take the time to design very intricate envelopes and put them in the mail (it got to the point where the envelope took longer than the letter inside!). i know that the recipient always appreciated it, and i did enjoy creating them.....but i agree with maccandace in that it's SO time-consuming! now i just do it on birthday cards, but i'm still dealing with the "guilt" of giving it many hours of blood, sweat and tears gone into the study of letterforms.....

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes, I do see my name now and that's my writing. Nothing else looks familiar, though :) Wow.

Yes, I'm at the same address.