Sunday, March 15, 2009

Window Art

During a recent Collage Journaling class, we had the opportunity to create window art. Most of the work done in class up to this point was "private." This was our chance to create a "public" art piece as well as a temporary art piece. We were each given a window to work with, but not to keep. Whatever we created would be removed at the end of class. The only stipulation was that the art had to contain our own written words as text.

I chose "I cannot live in a world without color" as my text. The first pane was painted black and the paint was scraped away with a razor blade to reveal the large magazine clipping of an eye attached to the back of the window. The second pane was also painted black and the words were written with white ink from an eye dropper. The words in the third pane were scratched into the paint with a sharp instrument and the color comes from a magazine page attached to the back. The last pane was made with letters cut from magazine pages and this time the back of the window was painted black to make the letters pop.

Creating art on a window was a totally new experience for me. So was creating a temporary piece of art that I knew I wouldn't be able to keep when it was finished. I'm now on the lookout for an old window that I can use for a future project. I like the option of being able to scrape the work away and start again whenever the mood strikes for a continually changing piece of art.

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