Monday, January 19, 2009

P is for Play Day

Since the office where we work was closed today, Casey and I decided to indulge in an art play day. She came over bright and early and we started the day with coffee and a little brainstorming. We like to bounce ideas off each other, and I had a few in mind for the Big Ball of Happiness. We played around with a couple different ideas, but nothing was clicking enough to get the ball rolling, so we decided to leave that alone and head down to the studio. Casey spent the day working on a charcoal drawing while I worked in my altered book, Fire, and then switched to coloring a couple more Australian slang postcards.

The day flew by and it was mid-afternoon before we knew it. Casey took some photos with the new camera that she got for Christmas. I especially like the one of the "aftermath."

Here is the awesome gift that Casey gave me for Christmas. I was thrilled to receive such a cool found object and didn't realize that it was a P (for Pat) until she pointed it out to me. She took a photo of each side and I flipped one photo so that I now have two P's.

P is for pal. Thanks buddy!


Cathy said...

Great view of your work table. I'd like to see more studio shots!

I think we adults don't schedule enough play dates for ourselves. Good job promoting this idea.

Casey said...

I'm a big fan of the big P! Can't wait for our next adventure. :o)