Saturday, November 1, 2008

Time Flies When You're Having Too Much Fun

We're more than halfway into Found Object Art class and we're now working on our Rauschenberg "combine" project. Bob helped me mount a 20 x 24 canvas board onto strips of wood to give it more substance and depth. During class we worked on choosing text and objects for the piece and started painting. Today I added a few more layers of paint and I also painted the wood sides. I'm using a series of numbers and letters as text and a couple of small metal signs, a chunk of rust, and a round, red reflector as objects. At least, that's what I have planned. I've noticed that ideas and plans often change during class after getting Terry's input. He definitely gets us thinking beyond the ordinary.

Last week we displayed our finished Nevelson projects and they really turned out well. On the last day of class we're going to bring in all three projects and Terry is going to photograph them for us. Yay! I'm sure he'll do a much better job than I could, and hopefully I'll have some nice photos to post of the finished projects.

I finished everything on my list of things to do today, so now I can go into the studio and play! We turn the clocks back tonight for daylight savings time so that means I get an extra hour of studio time.

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