Sunday, November 20, 2011

Adventure Journal #2

A while back, I completed my first adventure journal and blogged about it here. I finally finished up adventure journal #2 which chronicles a weekend visit to DC to visit our son.

The day began with the much anticipated wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. I thought it was a big enough event to warrant a mention in the journal. I like the idea of including a bit of history into an adventure journal.

Under the flap I included a list of the essential items needed for a road trip along with a bit of what has become standard road trip dialog.

He drives and I assist with the small, but important, tasks best left to the passenger.

I worked on the journal whenever I could during the weekend, but also made copious notes to help me remember all the details long after the trip.

I incorporated a few photos into the journal that I altered electronically and printed on my home computer.

I also like to incorporate business cards, menus, or napkins from places where we eat. In this case, the restaurant didn't have any of those items available, so I had to find the logo online and draw it myself.

This is what I imagined Lincoln might be thinking about.

That's my son buying train tickets from a very complicated looking vending machine.

This was my husband's reaction upon seeing the Washington monument. Including funny quotes has become a favorite part of these little adventure journals. The memories are priceless.

I got to spend a little time in the Corcoran Art Museum and saw some absolutely fabulous modern art up close and personal.

As it turned out, the weekend began with one historical event and ended with another. Lucky for me I was able to record both of these events along with my own personal memories of these couple of days.

Next up--adventure journal #3 which is still in progress. Stay tuned to find out what I did in Pittsburgh recently.


Unknown said...

OMG this is EPIC! your work is amazing to me. Just LOVE this journal:) I must go now and see your Journal #1. Bye!

Anonymous said...

It's such a cool idea and a grat keepsake to have.

Seth said...

These are spectacular Pat! Real jewels that you will always have to look back over.

Jan said...

Love the adventure journals - destined to become treasured by your family.

Sharmon Davidson said...

Your journal is fantastic, and what a great memory of your trip- something that you can look back at later. I love the creative way you put it all together. My son lives in the DC area, too, so I could definitely identify with your trip.

Kayla said...

Hi, there! First off I just wanted to say that I love your blog! So much inspiration for someone who's just starting out into the world of journaling. Secondly, I was wondering what kind of pen/marker you use for lettering? I know you posted an update with a new pen, but since I'm just starting off I was wondering if you had any recommendations? Just trying to break out of my comfort zone and practice, but all I've used are Sharpie pens and I'm not a huge fan. Looking forward to reading more posts! Thanks for sharing your work!